Call for Research Projects

A two-fold approach

At the TU Delft Extension School for Continuing Education we incorporate the latest academic findings in the subject area of our courses and we develop courses and programs utilizing insights from the latest educational research.

As online education generates massive amounts of data on student behaviour we can use this information to gain knowledge on learning and learning processes and apply the derived insights to improve the quality of education, for our online learners and for our campus students too.

What do we offer?

We provide the opportunity to work on pioneering science and education, with a salient data set and the chance to work closely with course instructors to create and facilitate an improved learning experience. Available data includes:

  • Online education student data (edX) based on over 3.7 million enrollments
  • Pre- and post-survey data on over 200 MOOCs and other online courses and programs (600,000+ responses)

Learner-centered and market-based

The relevance and impact of changes in the labour market, current societal challenges, and the varied interests of lifelong learners are important factors in our Research Agenda 2023-2028. It focusses on four tracks:

  1. Educational research to build knowledge and shape evidence-based practices for innovation in education.
  2. Development and innovation to implement insights, new methods and tools.
  3. Portfolio and customer focused research to evaluate the learner experience for inclusive and impactful education.
  4. Measuring the impact of our courses and programs for our learners and on equipping them to solve societal challenges.

Generating new ideas

Our research is one of the factors that makes us innovators in online education. We are open to experimentation and to new ideas. At the same time we are experienced in creating different educational formats and we put our expertise to the service of learners. See some examples  of innovations incorporated into our courses.

Want to do research?

If you are looking for data or a collaboration to carry out your (educational) research project, contact our Research Coordinator at We look forward to hearing from you!

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