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Impact of MOOC and other online course development on campus education

Short paper written by Selma van Esveld, Nardo de Vries, Sibilla Becchetti, Sofia Dopper, and Willem van Valkenburg and presented by Selma van Esveld at EMOOCs 2023 in Potsdam, Germany. Article was published in the Proceedings of the Eighth EMOOCs Conference (EMOOCs 2023).


The TU Delft Extension School for Continuing Education develops and delivers MOOCs, programs and other online courses for lifelong learners and professionals worldwide focused on Science, Engineering & Design. At the beginning of 2022, we started a project to examine whether creating an online course had any impact on TU Delft campus education. Through a survey, we collected feedback from 68 TU Delft lecturers involved in developing and offering online courses and programs for lifelong learners and professionals. The lecturers reported on the impact of developing an online course on a personal and curricular level. The results showed that the developed online materials, and the acquired skills and experiences from creating online courses, were beneficial for campus education, especially during the transition to remote emergency teaching in the COVID-19 lockdown periods. In this short paper, we will describe the responses in detail and map the benefits and challenges experienced by lecturers when implementing their online course materials and newly acquired educational skills on campus. Finally, we will explore future possibilities to extend the reported, already relevant, impact of MOOCs and of other online courses on campus education.


COVID, impact of MOOCs, campus education, lifelong learning, teacher skills, open educational resources


van Esveld, S.; de Vries, N.; Becchetti, S.; Dopper, S.; van Valkenburg, W. (2023). EMOOCS 2023: POST-COVID PROSPECTS FOR MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES – BOOST OR BACKLASH? Proceedings of the Eighth EMOOCs Conference. (page 1-8)


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What have they done with the MOOCs?! The impact of MOOCs on Campus Education

Article published in the Conference Proceedings of The EADTU Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 19-21 October 2016 in Rome.


In 2013 Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) started to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) onthe EdX platform. One of the main principles in the MOOC development process was to publish alleducational resources under an open license (Creative Commons License) (Ouwehand, 2015). This alignedwith TU Delft’s Open Access Policy. Another important starting point in the MOOC development process was the aim to improve campus education by integrating MOOC content in those courses.
The impact of MOOCs concerns not only the world outside the university, but more importantly also withinthe university. Especially for a traditional brick-and-mortar research-based university, like TU Delft, this is abig gain: education has become more important. In the past three years it has become clear that developing a MOOC has led lecturers to re-think their approach towards teaching and to integrate MOOC materials in campus education, which has impact on the way they teach on campus.
MOOCs are used on campus in different ways, from a small addition to an existing course to a full integration into a completely redesigned campus course. Moreover, some teachers became conscious of the importance of educational resources under CC License and started to use material from other universities. One of the faculties created a course which uses MOOC materials to help the students to prepare for a master program.
This paper describes the way in which MOOCs have been used in campus education and the impact this has had on teaching and learning.
Keywords: Open Educational Resources, Improving, Campus Courses, MOOC, blended learning


Cabral, Pedro; Van Valkenburg, Willem; Dopper, Sofia (2016). What have they done with the MOOCs?! The impact of MOOCs on Campus  Education in Ubach, George & Konings, Lizzie (2016). Conference Proceedings The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 2016. Published by EADTU. ISBN:978-90-79730-25-4 [Page 652-660]



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